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Don’t get scroogled, you guys!   Check me out as the creepy calorie-counter-app-developer in Miscrosoft’s attack ad on Google.  Kinda cracks me up how emotionally invested people get when two mega-corporations go toe to toe.  My handsome/obnoxious mug also graces the Scroogled webpage here!


Everybody Hates Chris Everybody Hates James

The third and final episode I did on Everybody Hates Chris. Fun fact, I kept mispronouncing Cleavon during the takes. So much so that they recorded some wild lines of me saying it correctly and that’s the audio they ended up using. SORRY, editors!
Jerry Levine directed this one, and he, like everybody associated with this show, was wonderful to work with. “We’ll see you again,” he said to me at the end of the day. “I hope so,” I replied. He stopped, looked me in the eye and repeated deliberately, “We’ll see you again.” Then the show got cancelled. RIP EHC. May you never stop running in syndication.

Everybody Hates Chris – Everybody Hates James from Joel Huggins on Vimeo.

Bunnymail Spots

Ben Barnes and I were super stoked to work with Augmented Reality juggernaut ZAPPAR on these promos for their Bunnymail message service. We wrote, produced, Ben directed and edited (and laughed over takes over and over again). I make a sweet cameo.


And if that weren’t enough, we also ended up writing a sizeable chunk of the Bunnymail lines you can select from to send your Bunnymail.

Check out Zappar here:
Bunnymail is here:

And check out this great article at about the company: