Joel On Everybody Hates Chris 1

I was fortunate enough to do three episodes of Everybody Hates Chris, and those experiences still stand as some of my absolute favorite times on set. I’m also pretty proud of how they all turned out.

The first episode I did was called Everybody Hates The New Kid in which I played an IRS agent who gets manhandled by Chris’s dad, played by Terry Crews. Have a look!

Everybody Hates Chris – Everybody Hates The New Kid from Joel Huggins on Vimeo.

Robert “Bilbo” Walker

I am lucky to know some people. One of those people is Allen “Charmin” Larman, who hosts a weekly internet radio show, Thee Charm School (you know it’s good on account of the second “e”) at on Thursdays from 6-8pm pst.  Although I was already somewhat familiar with the genius of Marvin Sease, it was Allen who took me to see the late great “Candylicker” live for the first (and only) time down at Prince Hall at Figueroa and 90th.  So when Allen posted something on his facebook page about a couple of great Monday night residencies in South Central, I jumped on board and was not disappointed.
So last Monday night, I texted Allen to see if he was going down there.  He replied that he wasn’t because an old juke joint legend named Robert “Bilbo” Walker was playing at the Maui Sugar Mill in Tarzana.  I knew I had to go.  I’m so glad I did.



Robert “Bilbo” Walker was born in  Clarksdale, Mississippi, lived in Chicago for 17 years, and now resides in Bakersfield.  You can learn more about him here.  All I know is that the man is 74 years old and put on one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen.  Luckily I brought my flip cam and captured some of it. Due to low lighting, the picture isn’t that great, but you definitely get a sense of how fun it was to be there that night.  If you are fortunate enough to have the chance to catch Robert live do not pass it up!




I apologize for the weird camera work, but I had to get a better angle of the sexy dancers (Robert’s daughters, by the way).

Robert’s take on Johnny B. Goode

One of Robert’s daughters takes the mic for a song.

Watch this one for Robert’s patented one-handed guitar solo!

Besides tearing up the blues and rock’n’roll, Robert also did an abbreviated version of “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels”. He closed with an awesome version of “Stagger Lee” but I ran out of battery before it was over and felt it would be wrong to post an incomplete song.

Hope you enjoyed it 1/100th as much as I did! BIG thanks to Allen for letting me know about it and for Cadillac Zack at the Maui Sugar Mill for making it happen (Zack mentioned that it took him seven years to finally get Robert down to play). From what I understand, Zack’s band plays every Monday at the Maui Sugar Mill, often with guests dropping in. They played a little before bringing up Robert (they also backed him) and it kinda reminded me of the band that played at Wild Bill’s in Memphis the time I went. Good Staxy blues. Check it out!

My Golden Age Of Hip Hop Mix is here!

I wish I still had my Malcolm X hat around somewhere. I’d totally rock that shit.

Click here to download!


The Symphony


Marley Marl

C’Mon Wit Da Git Down



Step In The Arena


Gang Starr

Juice (Know The Ledge)


Eric B. & Rakim

So Watcha Want Remix


Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill

Ego Trippin’ (Part Three) (Egoristic mix)


De La Soul




Distortion To Static (LP Version)


The Roots

9th Wonder (Blackitolism)


Digable Planets

Baby Bust It



Rock Dis Funky Joint


Poor Righteous Teachers

Got It Bad Y’all Featuring Tha Alkaholiks


King Tee

The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)


Black Sheep

Fat Cats, Bigga Fish


The Coup

Fire & Earth (100% Natural)



The Funkiest



How I Could Just Kill A Man


Cypress Hill

Ghetto Bird


Ice Cube

Deep Cover


Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

Bring It On


The Geto Boys

Ain’t No Future In Yo’ Frontin’


MC Breed

Chief Rocka


Lords of the Underground

Come Clean


Jeru The Damaja



Blahzay Blahzay

Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down Clean


Brand Nubian

Souljah’s Revenge



Shimmy Shimmy Ya


Ol’ Dirty Bastard

How Many Mc’s…


Black Moon

MCs Act Like They Don’t Know



Ghetto Jam



Mind Blowin’


The D.O.C.

Worlds Famous


The Beatnuts

Check The Rime


A Tribe Called Quest

Nitty Gritty Remix (Feat. Brand Nubian and Busta Rhymes)



Pork (OG Version)


The Pharcyde

Flava In Ya Ear


Craig Mack

The Gas Face


3rd Bass

Shut ‘Em Down


Public Enemy

Catch A Bad One


Del Tha Funky Homosapien

Passing Me By


The Pharcyde

The Symphony7/10/10 12:34 PM6:09Marley MarlGolden Age Of Hip Hop3
C’Mon Wit Da Git Down6/10/10 12:24 AM4:04ArtifactsGolden Age Of Hip HopRap & Hip Hop6
step in the arena6/10/10 12:12 AM3:37Gang StarrGolden Age Of Hip HopRap5
Juice (Know The Ledge)6/10/10 12:22 AM4:08Eric B. & RakimGolden Age Of Hip HopGeneral Hip-Hop/Rap2
So Watcha Want Remix5/28/10 1:06 PM4:05Beastie Boys and Cypress HillGolden Age Of Hip HopReggae2
Ego Trippin’ (Part Three) (Egoristic mix)5/28/10 1:05 PM4:45De La SoulGolden Age Of Hip HopHip-Hop1
Jugganauts5/28/10 1:08 PM5:14BoogiemonstersGolden Age Of Hip HopHip-Hop3
Distortion To Static (LP Version)6/10/10 12:09 AM4:19The RootsGolden Age Of Hip HopHip-Hop2
9th Wonder (Blackitolism)6/10/10 12:09 AM4:27Digable PlanetsGolden Age Of Hip HopHip Hop/Rap3
Baby Bust It6/10/10 12:05 AM4:32KuriousGolden Age Of Hip Hop2
Rock Dis Funky Joint6/10/10 12:11 AM5:11Poor Righteous TeachersGolden Age Of Hip HopRap2
Got It Bad Y’all Featuring Tha Alkaholiks6/10/10 12:43 AM4:47King TeeGolden Age Of Hip HopHip Hop/Rap1
The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)6/10/10 12:39 AM4:03Black SheepGolden Age Of Hip HopHip Hop/Rap2
Fat Cats, Bigga Fish6/10/10 12:32 AM5:54The CoupGolden Age Of Hip HopHip Hop/Rap2
Fire & Earth (100% Natural)6/10/10 12:10 AM6:27X-ClanGolden Age Of Hip HopHip-Hop2
The Funkiest6/10/10 12:42 AM3:23FunkdoobiestGolden Age Of Hip HopHip Hop/Rap1
How I Could Just Kill A Man6/10/10 12:31 AM4:12Cypress HillGolden Age Of Hip HopHip-Hop3
Ghetto Bird8/16/10 8:49 PM3:51Ice CubeGolden Age Of Hip HopRap
Deep Cover6/10/10 12:29 AM4:15Dr. Dre and Snoop DogGolden Age Of Hip Hop2
Bring It On6/10/10 12:34 AM8:16The Geto BoysGolden Age Of Hip HopHip Hop/Rap1
Ain’t No Future In Yo’ Frontin’6/10/10 12:14 AM4:03MC BreedGolden Age Of Hip HopHip Hop/Rap4
Chief Rocka8/16/10 8:52 PM4:07Lords of the UndergroundGolden Age Of Hip HopHip-Hop
Come Clean6/10/10 12:25 AM4:57Jeru The DamajaGolden Age Of Hip HopRap4
Danger6/10/10 12:28 AM3:26Blahzay BlahzayGolden Age Of Hip Hop4
Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down Clean6/10/10 12:25 AM4:31Brand NubianGolden Age Of Hip HopHip Hop1
Souljah’s Revenge8/16/10 8:50 PM3:192PacGolden Age Of Hip HopHip Hop/Rap1
Shimmy Shimmy Ya6/10/10 12:25 AM2:42Ol’ Dirty BastardGolden Age Of Hip HopHip-Hop2
How Many Mc’s…6/10/10 12:24 AM3:41Black MoonGolden Age Of Hip HopRap/R&B2
MCs Act Like They Don’t Know7/10/10 12:33 PM4:06KRS-OneGolden Age Of Hip Hop2
Ghetto Jam7/10/10 12:38 PM4:20DominoGolden Age Of Hip Hop3
Mind Blowin’7/10/10 12:15 PM3:38The D.O.C.Golden Age Of Hip HopHip Hop/Rap2
Worlds Famous6/10/10 12:08 AM3:24The BeatnutsGolden Age Of Hip HopHip-Hop/Rap1
Check The Rime7/10/10 12:09 PM3:41A Tribe Called QuestGolden Age Of Hip HopHip Hop/Rap1
Nitty Gritty Remix (Feat. Brand Nubian and Busta Rhymes)7/11/10 2:35 PM5:10KMDGolden Age Of Hip Hop2
Pork (OG Version)7/11/10 2:35 PM6:01The PharcydeGolden Age Of Hip HopHip-Hop1
Flava In Ya Ear7/18/10 3:10 PM3:37Craig MackGolden Age Of Hip HopRap1
The Gas Face7/10/10 11:52 AM3:533rd BassGolden Age Of Hip Hop4
Shut ‘Em Down7/20/10 9:20 PM4:29Public EnemyGolden Age Of Hip Hop3
Catch A Bad One8/7/10 11:02 AM3:46Del Tha Funky HomosapienGolden Age Of Hip HopHip-Hop/Rap2
Passing Me By6/10/10 12:35 AM5:03The PharcydeGolden Age Of Hip HopHip Hop/Rap2